John Sheridan and I did a livestream discussion philosophizing on music, musicians connections, the tools of social media, originals vs covers, comedy, sign language, being authentic and more.

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"Pocket Octavez ... is full of tongue and cheek, warm-hearted and often humorous." -City Weekly | Read the full City Weekly Music Picks article

"Brinton's songs have a heartwarming and carefree quality" ...
"upbeat songs that feel nostalgic through their indulgent
melodies." -SLUG Magazine | ​Read the full SLUG review

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Toy Soup with Beans

In a three year time span, involving some songs twenty-years-old, Pocket Octavez is my most passionate musical effort.  The album is a 12 song spectrum of simplicity and complexity; lyrical and musical; conforming and experimentation.

Ben Brinton's Pocket Octavez

"Late Night" - ToySoup with Beans

The Deaf and The Musician
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​Album Artwork - Josh Cook

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Toy Soup with Beans
Music, Philosophy & More Podcast Ben Brinton and John Sheridan
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With the help of Cindy, we translate my original songs into sign language, exploring the challenges of translation and capturing metaphors in lyrics, while learning some useful sign gestures that can make all of us communicate a little better while we wear our masks.

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Pocket Octavez

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Music, Philosophy & More Interview

Ben Brinton

The Deaf and The Musician

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ToySoup with Beans' comedy-short "Late Night," is an eight minute script written and produced by the improv trio and includes the help of other local film makers and indie-actors. Their video is shown at various comedy events throughout Salt Lake.