Class 1: Functional sign language lesson with insight to the deaf culture and their experience with music
Class 2: In depth look at lyrics and song structure including metaphor interpretation
Class 3: Interactive Karaoke! Enjoy class discussion of your favorite karaoke song

Tuesdays June 6, 13, 20, 6-8pm

Sorenson Community Center 1383 S 900 W, Salt Lake City 

Sign up | $50 for all 3 classes or $25 for 1 class


sign language with music class
Motion/Audio services
Dinner & Show with The Deaf & The Musician

Refine Audio Recordings

• Songwriter

Basic Object Animation

• Producer

Dinner and Show with The Deaf & The Musician


• Singer

Ben Brinton

  Salt Lake City, Utah

Ben works on audio files, improving their quality and clarity through editing, mixing and mastering, and other techniques within Logic Pro X and Izotope RX. Need the dead-air removed for a tighter pod-cast episode? Worried about loudness standards and criteria? Annoying frequencies that need to be removed from a precious recording? Ben's your guy for a straight forward, project enhancing, service.

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​​Building of basic object computer animation and sound design with the purpose of creating educational, engaging, effective videos. Useful for lyric videos, promotional content, tutorials, etc.

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​Have dinner with The Deaf & The Musician! We provide the food and the entertainment. You provide your home and the guests.

Inquiry within for details.