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In a three year time span, involving some songs twenty-years-old, Pocket Octavez is my most passionate musical effort.  The album is a 12 song spectrum of simplicity and complexity; lyrical and musical; conforming and experimentation.

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​Album Artwork - Josh Cook

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The Deaf & The Musician

"Pocket Octavez ... is full of tongue and cheek, warm-hearted and often humorous." -City Weekly | Read the City Weekly Music Picks

"Brinton's songs have a heartwarming and carefree quality" ...
"upbeat songs that feel nostalgic through their indulgent
melodies." -SLUG Magazine | ​Read the full SLUG review

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"It's a different communicate the poetry of movement." - Ben in Salt Lake Tribune | Read the full Salt Lake Tribune article

​​"When ... The Deaf and The Musician play at a venue, a few interesting things tend to happen." - City Weekly | Read the full City Weekly review

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Artwork - Alan Carrington

Pocket Octavez

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